Social Media Marketing Birmingham

Social Media Marketing Birmingham

It’s not a myth anymore, it’s a fact. Social Media has an effect on search engine rankings. Not having any Social Media presence will have a negative impact on your website in search engine rankings.

The top three ranking factors for successfully ranking higher on Google are:

  1. Facebook Shares
  2. Backlinks to your website
  3. Tweets

We used to optimise your site with keywords and meta descriptions (and still do for point 2) however, social media activity is becoming increasingly important in organic search results. Your business should be available to be Liked, Followed, Shared and Tweeted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more, it’s all part of Social Media Marketing!

That’s what we do…

We’re like your PR Agency. We will discuss your requirements, plan out a package for you and start branding (check our our article on Why Branding Matters) your social networks ready for your big social launch. We’ll create a buzz about your company and product and we will make sure we’re always updating your followers with relevant marketing information.

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What about negative comments?

While some social networks allow tools to moderate comments we believe it’s better to confront them head on! If you thought about removing a comment that someone has posted, it’s 2013 — it’s already been copied, replied to, retweeted and archived.


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