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Moodle is one complex system that is probably already helping you save time, but if it isn’t – it’s not set-up correctly. That’s something we can help you with. If you don’t trust our judgment, that’s fine; we will prove to you how great our services actually are and why we claim we are worth your every penny and every minute of your time. All you have to do is keep on reading and let us affirm it to you. You will not only get to see why we speak so highly of our services and what distinguishes us from the competition, you will also receive valuable information about Moodle services which you can use on your site.


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Moodle stands for “modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment” and in its definition is extremely flexible, free and an open source learning platform. Moodle also comes equipped with comprehensive, customizable and highly secure learning management features, which can be easily used in creating a private website for compelling online courses.

Originally created by Martin Dougiamas in 2002, Moodle was developed with helping educators with online presentations with high focus on interaction and joint development of content. In essence Moodle is creative and highly adaptable e-tool designed for enhanced learning experience.

Integration of Moodle

Integrating Moodle into your website as a learning service is quite easy and can be accomplished by using its many plugins that are flexible tool sets. Plug-ins that Moodle supports can change the whole infrastructure of Moodle services and as such, it can easily be adapted to every website, if you know what you are doing, of course.

Moodle Themes

Themes for Moodle services are graphical enhancements that can be used to customize Moodle even further to match your needs. Changing themes for Moodle can greatly enhance user experience as well as the look of Moodle. It is usually a great idea to incorporate both into your Moodle service website – the functionality and the looks.

The fact Moodle has been translated to over 100 different languages also helps in spreading Moodle and its ease of use. No matter from where users come, it is easy to adopt and understand the Moodle service as an E-tool.

Moodle Mobile

Modern times required Moodle mobile services to be highly responsive and as such, Moodle supports responsive web design which helps greatly when using Moodle in your mobile device. Also, many renown mobile application providers, such as Google Play, App Store (iOS) and Windows Phones support means that most of modern smartphones will have easy access to all of Moodle services.

Moodle Services – MIS Integration

Our experts in Moodle and MIS integration services can instantly help you to save time in operating data within both VLE and your SIMS, PASS, CMIS, Bromcom or Progresso authority information system.

Even more, our Moodle integration can provide you with the write-back performance, which means teachers and any other applicants can easily operate a number of tasks in the VLE and it will be written straight back to the MIS, as well as:

  • Taking registers
  • Record accomplishments
  • Record behavior
  • Complete valuations

Use our solutions as your prime source for Moodle and never look back! We are the best at what we do and we have great deal of knowledge and expertise, which will be applied efficiently to your website by our expert team in Moodle service implementation.


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